Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sushil Kumar Wins Silver in finals of Olympics 2012

Sushil Kumar , wrestler from Haryana after performing well in Olympics wrestling game for 66 Kg wrestling has won the Silver in Olympics game , and became the 2nd Indian in London Olympics 2012 to win the Silver. He won the pre-quarterfinal , quarterfinal and semifinal by a score of 3-1 in each game . And let India proud of him . He also make a record for india to get Individual and consicutive medals in Olympics games , by winning Bronze in Beijing Olympics and winning Silver in London Olympics. He became the only ndian to qualify for Finals in Wrestling. The final game against Japan's Tatsuhiro Yonimitsu resulted as a loss for Sushil .
Sushil Kumar

Yogeshwar Dutt wins bronze for India in Olympics

Yogeshwar Dutt , the wrestler from Haryana's Sonipat District , won a bronze for India as the 5th Medal. Yogeshwar qualified for pre-quarterfinals by winning a match , but lost in the next round , But ass the winner of later match headed towards finals , Yogeshwar gets into Rap-chase round , He than win 3 consecutive match to avail the bronze medal for India. Haryana government has selected him to gave a reward of Rs. 1 crore. India congratulates him for his medal.

Yogeshwar dutt with an Injured eye after winning bronze in 2012  olympics

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Gopal Goyal Kanda has gone underground , police unable to find till now

Haryana,s minister from Congerss , Goyal Gopal Kanda has gone underground since the investigation has been started to find the reasons and clearence for suicide of ex-director of an Airline , Geetika Sharma. Police said that they will be putting a non bailable warrant again Gopal Kanda till Thursday morning . Gopal Kanda is a candidate for MLA from Sirsa District of Haryana.

File pic of Gopal Kanda

Devendro Singh loses in quarterfinals , out of medals race

After a thrilling match between India's Devendro Singh and Ireland's Paddy Barnes , result came out with happiness in court of Paddy Barnes. Devendro loses the high Voltage match with a score of 23-18 at the excel arena on Wednesday. He fought good , but at last faces defeat. Thus , one more chance to get medal for India gets out of the hands.
India's Foreign Coach , BI Fernandez said that ,"the opponent's hits were not in the right place , but still he was getting points"

Devendro lost to Ireland's Paddy in quarterfinals

Monday, 6 August 2012

Curiosity lands on mars , Send two pics of mars

Mars rover Curiosity landed safely on mars on 6 August 2012 . And recently send two pictures taken over there. The Mars rover send by NASA , is on a two year mission to study more about the surface and inside of mars. This whole project costed $2.5 Billion , as told by NASA. The last 7 minutes were the most crucial minutes as the rover has to slow down it's speed to land on the surface , many rovers actually have been damaged in the process , but "curiosity" done it very well and has started it's work.

Fiza Mohammed , ex-wife of Chander Mohan found Dead

Fiza Mohammed , Divorced wife of ex Deupity Chief Minister , was found dead in her Mohali's Residence , hanging to the fan. Police has expected that the Dead body has been 3-4 days earlier. Chander Mohan , changed his name to Chand Mohan to get married to Fiza , And the left each other in January 2009. Also , Chander Mohan is the son of Ex-Chief Minister Bhajan Lal. Also , no suicide note has been found , as told by the police. Fiza , also got his name changed from Anuradha Bali to Fiza , to get married to Chander Mohan.

Anuradha Bali(Fiza)(L) & Chander Mohan (R)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Virat Kohli gets Promotion , raised to 2nd batsmen in ODI ranking

Virat Kohli , the vice caption of Indian Cricket team , after performing well in the series and getting the Man of the Series , he was promoted to ICC ranking of Batsmen from 3rd to 2nd Rank. He performed well in the series and have played some match winning shots as well. At present , India and Australia are at the same stage of  Points , but the Aftermath has taken Australia to the top , thus , India is Currently at no. 2 in the ODI ranking. Next to look at is , the Only T20 vs Sri Lanka , and the New Zealand tour of India.

Usain Bolt , wins gold for 100 m with new Olympic Record

Jamaica's Usain Bolt won the 100m final race in London Olympics winning a gold. He completed the race in 9.63 seconds , this was the second fastest time in history. Second came the other big competitor from the same country , Yohan Blake , who equal his personal best of 9.75 seconds. Third was Justin Gatlin , who was the gold medalist of 2004 Olympics , who completed in 9.79 seconds. Though it was tough , Bolt again emerged as a Big gun.

India's Walker Irfan ended 10th but still makes Record

India's Walker Irfan Kolothum Thodi ended up at 10th place in Men's 20 Km race walk competition . Still Irfan has made up a new National record of ending up it in 1:20:21 which was earlier held by Gurmeet singh at a time of 1:20:35 .  This year Gurmeet singh ended 33rd in the race . There were total 56 Participants in the game . Thus it can be said that it was a commendable performance by Irfan. Ding chen of China won this race by a time of 1:18:46.

Mary Kom Qualifies for quarterfinal in Olympics Women boxing

India's M.C. Mary Kom qualified for quarterfinals easily by winning the game of round of 16 against Poland's Kmichalczuk . She had a special day as , her twin Son have the birthday on the same day . Though it was a hard fought match , She won by 19-14 score , and have tears in her eyes after the match . The finals will be held on thursday , and in between quarterfinals and semifinals will happen as well. India wishes her best of luck for further matches.

Case against Haryana Minister for forcing MDLR's ex-director to suicide

Haryana's minister Gopal Kanda has been booked for suicide of MDLR (Murli Dhar Lakh Ram ) Airline's ex-Director  , Geetika Sharma. She was found hanging from her ceiling at her home on Sunday at her residence of Ashok Vihar. She left her job from the airline , one month ago .

Also , she joined the airline 1 and half year ago as a flight attendent . She rose till director in this short span of time . Her family has told that Gopal Kanda Used to visit her home several times . Police has taken the case under them , and is investigating the scene.

File photo of Gopal Kanda

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Indian Cricket Team wins 5th ODI , Ranked No. 2 in ODI Ranking

India performed well in batting side in the 5th ODI against Sri Lanka . It took some problem in bowling side , but some how , they managed to win the 5th ODI . This takes them to No. 2 in ODI team ranking . And , also takes the Micromax series by 4-1. One more record has been made , and that's winning the three continuous series in Sri Lanka. India made 294/7 in 50.0 overs , but Sri Lanka only reached to a score of 274/10 in 45.4 . Irfan Pathan emerged as a big pop from bowling side by taking 5 wickets 61 runs in 10 overs . For Batting side , Gautam Gambhir made most 88 runs in 99 balls. All In all , This Series was a comeback for India .

What we will be looking is for New Zealand Tour of India

Devendro Singh qualifies for Quarterfinals in Olympics

Devendro Singh has qualified for quarterfinals in Olympics , in 49Kg Boxing match. Devendro won his match against Mangolian Serdamba Purevdorj by a score of 16-11 . Devendro performed better in the game since the starting of the match. India wishes him best of luck for quarterfinals.

Saina Wins bronze in Olympics women's single

Saina Nehwal After losing to China's Yihen Wang in the semifinals , faced Xin Wang , two type olympics winner in a match for Bronze . Initially , Both of the players were competing good , but then Wang maintained a good score and take a big lead , After then Saina performed better , but lost to Wnag by score of 21-18 . But suddenly , Xin Wang get her left leg damaged and felt as she was unable to compete .

Xin wang quitted and Saina is Declared winner for the Game .
This was a sudden and surprised win for Saina Nehwal.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Grammar Girl Quiz

Indian Hockey Team out of Semifinal's race.

With straight losses in first two games , India was in Do or Die Situation in the match against Germany. But the game of losses continues , and Indian hockey team was defeated by Germany in humiliating match bearing score 2-5. Germany's Floran Fuchs scored three Goals in 7th , 16th and 36th minutes , Oliver Korn in 24th and Christopher Wesley in 33rd minute. In Indian case , VR Raghunath and Tushar Khandekar scored a goal each in 13th and 62nd minutes respectively .

India has been eight time champions , and have returned to Olympics after 8 years , is lying sixth , and last in Group B.

India's Vijay Kumar wins Silver

India's Vijay Kumar has Won a silver in 25 meter rapid fire pistol shooting . Gold medal was snatched by cuban's Leuris Pupo . Pupo took 34 points in total , and Vijay got 30 points to take the silver medal with him . Vijay was in his eliments , and didn't feel the pressure of players like Leuris Pupo , Alexei Klimov and Feng Ding . In these matches , the player has to hit 5 shoots in 4 seconds , the score is given on basis of correct hits , the one remaining in the last is eliminated , and thus continues the race for gold , Vijay reached final by scoring 5/5 in round 1 , 4/5 in round 2 & 3 , At the end of 4th round , Klimov got eliminated and thus Vijay reached in finals of the game. 

Himachal Pradesh's Chief Minister , Prem Kumar dhumal announced a reward of 1 Crore to this silver medalist.

Joydeep Karmakar ends the final at 4th rank

In 50 metre's rifle prone , Joydeep Karmakar ends up 4th in the final race , thus making a miss from getting a bronze medal. He scored a overall total of 699.1 on Friday in the Olympics event. The qualifying score was a dedicating factor as the person ending third , Rajmond Debevac ended with a score of 701.1. Although Joydeep didn't win a medal , but it was still a good performance from his side.

Saina Nehwal Loses in Semifinals

Saina Nehwal , the first Indian badminton player to qualify for semifinals , lost her semifinal match against Wang  of China. She lost in Two straights sets scoring 21-13 , 21-13 . But she still holds the chance to get a bronze for India. For the bronze , Saina will play on Saturday. Saina's Father wished Best of Luck for his daughter for the bronze race on Saturday. She has her first lost after 14 continuous wins being undefeated.
Saina loses her semifinal game against Wang
We all wish her best of luck for Bronze race.

Anna and his team on the way to politics

The Fifth day of Anna Hazare's fast , and the ninth day for Arvind Kejriwal , Something unexpected happened. Anna declared from the stage that their fast will break on 3 august 2012 at 5 pm , having the reason for bad health of team Anna members. But along with this , one more news came across , and that was stunning ,  Anna from the stage asked people for their Alternative as entering politics . 

After 23 eminent citizens including Anupam Kher , Rtd. General V.K. Singh , and some others put their views that the govt. will not be doing anything , Anna and his team focused on making a political party.

They asked the citizens of India to vote for either making a political party or not within two days.

Voting is available through IAC Website ,  Social Networking via Facebook Pages , or through mails or you can SMS Yes or No to 9212472681.

Saina Manages to get into Semifinals for Olympics 2012

With many loses in Olympics for India ,  Saina Brings Some cheerful news for India in Olympics .
Saina continues to keep the country flag flying high. She defeated Denmark's Tine Baun by a score of 21-15 , 22-20 in the women single s badminton quarterfinals on Thursday. The match Lasted for 37 minutes .

 First game was not tough enough for Saina , but she managed to put her best in 2nd game to take the score of  20-17  to 20-22 , thus making a win .By this win , she became India's first player in badminton to play in the semifinals.

Her next match , in the semifinals , will be against China's no .1 , Wihan Wang. Saina has been defeated five times by Wang , and Saina hasn't done it even once.