Sunday, 15 July 2012

GK questions -5

  • The anatomy of the word 'Derogatory' is :
    a) praising
    b) immediate
    c) conferred
    d) roughish

    Ans. d
  • The synonyms of 'neat' is :
    a) bright
    b) sharp
    c) close
    d) clean

    Ans. d
  • Choose the correct word to fill the blank:- Cotton is _______ than wood.
    a) softest
    b) softer
    c) soft
    d) more soft

    Ans. b
  • 'Modus operandi' means :
    a) way of working
    b) the mode of working
    c) mode of travelling
    d) manner of working

    Ans. b
  • 'Adjudicate' means :
    a) Allot
    b) Decide
    c) Settle
    d) Arbitrate

    Ans. b
  • Which of the following factors were responsible for the emergence of Sociology ?
    a) French revolution
    b) Spread of capitalism
    c) Industrial revolution
    d) Urge of Democracy

    Ans. c
  • The new version of MGNREGA included more than 25 agricultural and allied activities . The new version of the act will be implemented from :
    a) April 1, 2012
    b) May 1, 2012
    c) June 1, 2012
    d) July 1, 2012

    Ans. a
  • Which Governor-General had abolished slavery in India ?
    a) Lord Cornwallis
    b) Lord Ellenborough
    c) Sir Jhon Shore
    d) Lord William Bentinck

    Ans. b
  • Subsidiary alliance was implimented during the reign of :
    a) Lord Cornwallis
    b) Lord Wellesley
    c) Sir John Shore
    d) Lord Aukland

    Ans. b
  • In which sessions of the Indian National Congress 'Poorna Swaraj' was declared the Goal of Congress ?
    a) Lahore
    b) Karachi
    c) Delhi
    d) Bombay

    Ans. a

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